Dear UmAy Supporters  and Volunteers,

Following the advice of local and national authorities regarding the corona-virus, we decided to limit our interactions and communications online, and we are currently working from home. We feel safe, healthy, and calm, and would like to thank you all for your messages inquiring our health and mood. May we also take the opportunity and kindly remind you and ourselves that plagues, wars, and natural disasters have puzzled our species for centuries, and that these will remain a part of life on earth. This current unplanned ‘break’ in our busy lives can be also seen as an opportunity to listen to our voices within, and to become aware of and grateful for Life’s gifts that we often take for granted such as mobility, family, friends, food, and education. If you can, let the stillness surround and embrace you, may tranquility descend upon you. May you and your loved ones be safe and sound.

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