About Us

Where Volunteer Spirit and Peace Welcome Women Immigrants

In 2019, we renewed a home and work space in Kırkpınar town of Sakarya, where Lake Sapanca is only in walking distance after an array of local cafes and restaurants on a street that was once part of the Silk Road. It has been in the trial process of serving as a platform for and by refugee and migrant women at large (please promote the terms “border-crosser” and “newcomer” too!), raising awareness, promoting creativity, and developing capacity and competence.

Mission in a Nutshell:  UmAy is an independent, privately owned home and work space (145 ). We aim to provide refugee and migrant women with the opportunities to get involved with a diverse network, create, heal, and share stories and experiences. We believe that spirituality cannot and should not be a narcotic comfort in a broken world but its healing effects might appear in surprising and awakening ways. Join us for a meaningful discourse around the challenges of our times and get support in taking new steps in y/our lives.

Women’s experiences and struggles as newcomers can be learned from while sharing and developing a safe work space that is in harmony with Nature.

We do and will consider becoming an extension branch of a like-minded organization or university center if the opportunity arises in order to expand our offerings to a wider community of women and non-binary individuals to join the movement for voices of immigrant writers and artists to achieve a just and peaceful world.

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