Founding Members

Umay (48) is a writer, traveller, translator, activist, and academic with a special interest in comparative literature. Her interests extend to religions, arts, life writing genres, nature, cooking, alternative medicine, and community service among many other things which make life rich and meaningful. Having lived abroad for about 20 years, her previous work and close friendships with women from all walks of life provided her with invaluable experiences. At UmAy House, she assumes a temporary role of hostess for an unknown time before passing this lovely space onto the younger generation.

Sevilla (29) is an artist-explorer fascinated by inner spaces and worlds. She loves to create inspirational content and projects on nature and other fields that she continues to explore. She loves working with children, holding space for their innate gifts and creativity. She draws inspiration from nature, dreams, and personal practices of daily life – such as movement awareness, healing forms of art, and community service, including animals and plants – since childhood. 

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