Over the years, UmAy Homespace has invited diverse and enthusiastic volunteers from all over the world to contrıbute to our creative space. Our house is located in Sapanca. In fact, the village where the House is located is called Kirkpinar, ‘forty springs’ in Turkish. Lake Sapanca is in walking distance after you pass an array of local cafes and restaurants on the Baghdad Street that was once part of the Silk Road. If you are into outdoor activities year round, it is the place for you. If you miss the big city vibe and some crazy traffic, want to attend concerts, visit museums, Istanbul is close by (jump on a train or rent a car).

The ideal candidate’s native language is English, age: 25+, she is drama-free co-helper (+housemate and/or house-sitter at times), preferably with experience in editing and/or a true passion for literature, reading, and writing. She will help us mainly for maintaining social media activity and upkeep of our website. Having a driver license is a plus. She will participate in the usual house maintenance such as cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping etc. (the basics of sharing a house). She loves and respects nature truly, has interest to learn and teach (us) about all beings of the Creation. 

We are redesigning our home space as a multi-functional nurturing and creative space for immigrant and refugee women whose research, writing and/or art projects had to be put on hold due to challenging and unforeseen circumstances in life. It is a space for wellness, inspirational work, meetings, knowledge exchanges, all of which will lead to intercultural solidarity and empowerment as well. Although our home-work-space is for creative women’s experiences, men who are supportive and respectful of women’s struggles are also welcome.

It is an eco-friendly house. Our products are carefully chosen and consumed. It is also a substance free space both in the house and the garden, that is, alcohol-free, smoke-free, and meat-free. The house is also scent-free but essential oils are exceptions. We love to laugh, cook, and eat together, and have lots of joy in sharing too.

Join us for a meaningful discourse around the challenges of our times, give your support and share your energy in taking new steps in y/our lives!

For more information, check our WorkAway profile https://www.workaway.info/en/host/246639543279 

Please contact umayhomespace@gmail.com with the subject line ‘Volunteering – Name’ if you would like to get involved!

Some Past Volunteers

Anahita from the UK is an avid lover of literature, dance, cooking and travelling. During her time at Umay Homespace, Anahita helped with all things digital, including content creation, website development and social media. She also cooked lots of vegetarian Persian dishes and taught ballet classes!