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Welcome Women + Non-Binary People

In 2019 we renewed a home and workspace in Kırkpınar town of Sakarya, where Lake Sapanca is  within walking distance, as well as an array of local cafes and restaurants on a street that was once part of the Silk Road. It has been in the trial process of serving as a platform for, and by, refugee or migrant women and non-binaries – we promote the term border-crossers too! Our aims are raising awareness, promoting creativity, developing capacity and competence. We continue to focus on empowering our local and global communities and individuals by learning together, sharing our knowledge and skills, and having the power of creativity, empathy and compassion.

Mission in a Nutshell

 UmAy is an independent, privately owned home and work space (145 meter square). We aim to provide women and non-binary people with the opportunities to get involved in a diverse network, create, heal, and share stories and experiences. We believe that spirituality cannot and should not be a narcotic comfort in a broken world, but that it’s healing effects might appear in surprising and awakening ways. Join us for a meaningful discourse around the challenges of our times and get support in taking new steps in your life.

Creative Workspace for Women & Non-binary People

Connecting with Our Community

Environmentally-friendly Space

Applicant Profile

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We welcome all to our space who are respectful to the rules, ethos and mission of UmAy. Particularly, but not restricted to, women and non-binary people with a background in the arts and humanities, the representatives of diasporas, migrant organizations, researchers, policy advisors, professional translators, artists and idealist interns with a vision.

Let us know about your work and consider getting involved in our network for your creative work, ideas and projects! We can host workshops, seminars, and training.

Send us proposals and resumes for our broadly defined and adaptable focus areas such as the arts, cultural preservation, philanthropy, wellness, ecological living and other areas that you are planning to work on during your stay. 

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