Supportive Community Events

We discussed connections between mind, body and soul by looking at different aspects of them. We started to explore our inner experiences, thoughts patterns and self-limiting beliefs in the Mind session by using the tools of writing and drawing. We gave information about neuroplasticity, discussed the capacity of our mind and how we can integrate this to our daily life. In the Body session our focus was to share healthy habits, feelings and attitudes towards the body. We also discussed the mind and body connection and some practices to reduce stress. We had supportive sharing on our negative experiences, stereotypes and body images that might have been imposed by society. Our last meeting was related to our soul and that its associations might change according to each individual. We shared states of well-being, different perspectives on happiness and our heart’s desires, dreams. The main aim was to have space for evaluating our future goals and everyday actions around these goals. Sharing our experiences and resources in compassionate ways and supporting each other was a step to learn and share more. It was surprising to explore how we share similar experiences while living in different parts of the world.
Thanks to each participants for their presence, support and compassion.

All meetings facilitated by Anastasia Dolgopolova, English teacher & yoga practitioner
& Sevilla Şahutoğlu, Psychological counselor.

We really hope to see you joining our future events!