The event where Ozlem Ezer was invited as a panel speaker addressed the outputs of a 2-year Domestic Violence in Türkiye research, produced through our Digital Space for Civil Space (DSCS) project in partnership with Belgian NGO 11.11.11, Turkish-Syrian organization Olive Branch, and digital engagement platform U-pinion. Each speaker shared their experiences and observations on the pressing matters surrounding this sensitive topic and explored potential solutions in collaboration with the stakeholders.

During this insightful session, the findings of the conversations and reports on Domestic Violence in Türkiye were presented and an ongoing commitment to fostering positive change was underlined. Ms Ezer’s talk was based on the most recent data provided by her colleague Nilgün Yıldırım and highlighted some marginalized communities within the minority refugee women such as the domestic violence that the elderly Syrian women who are confined at home suffer from (due to lack of language, finances, and social circle). Ezer also criticized the studies or intervention applications which begin with the assumption that all women from Syria are Arabic speakers and she presented cases where the women were illiterate and Kurdish speakers only. She also mentioned some less direct driving forces for violence and their consequences such as the family intervention to the bullied refugee girls’ taken out of school instead of reporting the bully.